At our company, we are proud to partner with sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors who share our values and embody the essence of our brand. Our carefully selected individuals represent the very best in their respective fields and exemplify the qualities that we strive for as a company. They are not only accomplished and successful, but also personify our core principles and ethos through their character, dedication, and passion. We are honored to have them as part of our team and look forward to continuing to support and celebrate their achievements.

Uracha Teerawanitsan, Jarr

  • Crossfit Fittest in Thailand 2015-2023
  • Crossfit Regional competitor 2015-2018, 2021-2023
  • Crossfit Games qualifier 2019-2020
  • Co-Founder of CrossFit Club 49
Jarr made an extraordinary transformation to reach the heights she’s reached. Once a ‘skinny girl’, she found confidence in strength training and set on an unexpected journey. She’s one of a kind, and is truly one of the most accomplished and widely recognized athletes in the whole of Asia. Jarr has also has remarkable longevity, reigning Fittest is Thailand for a decade.
Jarr has been coaching fitness & CrossFit since 2015 and is a Co-founder of CrossFit Club 49, a Trainedtroopers manager and a nutrition and lifestyle coach. She currently holds these qualifications – ISSA Sport Nutrition certificate (USAW), Crossfit L-1, and Opex Level 1 Sport Nutrition.

Simon Merrill

  • Crossfit Fittest in Thailand (2021-2023)
  • Thailand Throwdown Winner (2023)
  • Bangkok Throwdown Runner-up (2022)
  • Bao Bao Weightlifting Cup Sinclair Overall Winner (2022)
  • UK National Track & Field (400m Hurdles)
  • UK International Junior Track & Field (60m & 110m Hurdles)

Simon started his fitness journey as a competing gymnast from age of 4 to 12. He was a sports scholar during his school years, playing rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics.

Focusing on athletics from 16 to 23 years of age, Simon won multiple national medals and represented the UK numerous times.

With a passion for fitness and sharing his knowledge of healthy living, Simon pursued higher learning, earning degrees in Sports Performance (BSc, MSc) and PGCE Science. This opened doors for his career becoming Sports Coach in schools, which gives him an incredible perspective, experience, and knowledge as as elite fitness coach. All this, while being an elite athlete in the sport of CrossFit, and becoming the 3x, and reigning, Fittest Man in Thailand.


Ronald Harvey, Jr

  • 4x Regional Athlete Qualifier
  • 3rd Place Asia Championships Finale 2015
  • Founder of Training Ground
  • Founder of GymBelts
  • Bangkok Throwdown Director

Ron was first exposed to gym culture through NCAA athletics, where he played golf. By working out with members of the university football, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, track, and tennis teams, Ron received a priceless education, motivation, and witnessed extreme levels of discipline.

He took those lessons with him into a professional golf career spanning seven years, across the globe, and eventually into CrossFit. Ron is often heard discussing the overlap in mental approach between golf and CrossFit.

Currently Ron is focused on solving problems in the fitness industry to make it more accessible.


Yasuhiro Uchibori

  • Asia Championship 3rd
  • 2018-2023: CrossFit Open 1st Masters in Japan

Yasuhiro is world class crossfitter in his age group. It’s a marvel. As 5x Fittest man in Japan. Yasu started his fitness journey when he was around 15 years old. Being the youngest of 3 boys, he was motivated to toughen himself up. He played rugby for 7 years and through that gained a basic knowledge of bodybuilding. His curiosity towards fitness didn’t stop; he moved the US to follow his passion and study Exercise Science at university. He worked as an assistant strength coach where he was able to utilized his studies and gained invaluable experience coaching college teams, such as American football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track & field. As part of the college curriculum, he undertook an internship at a CrossFit gym and was instantly drawn to the challenge and variety of movements. This is where Yasu’s athletic and coaching career really intensified. After graduating from college, Yasu spent about a year developing his CrossFit skills and doing Personal Training. Yasu moved back to Japan in 2016, where his CrossFit coaching and athletic career excelled further. Since 2018, Yasu has been the national champion of the CrossFit Games Open. Yasu’s athletic ability speaks for itself, but his passion for learning and the coaching aspect of CrossFit is something that often goes unseen. He is constantly refining his skills and updating his knowledge so that he can assist others to become the best version of themselves.


Football Club of Bangkok

BKK Renegades Flag Football Club

  • 3rd Place “AUFFC Invitation Cup 3” BKK, TH
  • 3rd Place “Autumn Cup” HCM, VN
  • 2nd Place “Thailand Qualifiers” BKK, TH
  • 5th Place “AUFFC IVC 4 International Edition (13 Teams)” BKK, TH
  • 1st & 3rd Place *Participating Members “Lepak Langkawi” LGK, MY
  • 2nd Place R4P “First & Goal The Series Cash Tournament” BKK, TH
The BKK Renegades are a competitive flag football club that was established in 2021. They have gained a reputation as one of the leading flag football teams in Thailand, having participated in local and international tournaments against some of the most accomplished flag football players in Asia. The team boasts of diverse talent and skill sets, ranging from novice players to current and former members of the Thai National Team, as well as former college and high school athletes. The team’s objective is to remain competitive while also promoting and developing the sport for those interested in trying it out. As flag football continues to grow in popularity worldwide, the BKK Renegades are committed to expanding the sport’s community in Thailand.