6 Digit Digital Timer


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Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 19.5 × 8 cm

73cm x 16cm


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6 Digit Digital Timer

EAST WEST 6 DIGIT DIGITAL TIMERS have high visibility from long distances to make life easier for coaches and clients alike. With our long range remote you can create intervals, use automatic tabata settings, count down or up, use stop watch settings, or simply use it as a clock during non-workout hours.

Main Function

  • Clock: HH:MM format – 12/24H
  • Stopwatch: MM:SS:ss(1/10s)(1/100s) format – from 00:00:00 up to 99:59:99
  • Countdown/up: MM:SS – from 00:00 up to 99:59
  • Interval timer – training / rest / cycle
  • The TABATA mode.means 20s work, 10s rest, 8 rounds.
  • The FGB1 mode. means 5min work, 1min rest, 5 rounds.
  • The FGB2 mode. means 5min work, 1min rest, 3rounds.