Who We Are

About Us

  • We provide top grade, extreme value equipment.
  • We build relationships and supporting the fitness community.
    R&D is important to us.
  • The KEWB, our patent patenting Original product, was built to solve problems.
  • We are excited about growth.

Who We Are

East West Fitness is a dynamic and innovative fitness company that was born out of a need for quality equipment in the local Thai market. Starting as a humble gym serving our local community, we quickly recognized the need for high-quality fitness equipment that was missing from the market. We set out to fill this void and soon began producing custom equipment for events, expanding our reach to the broader local fitness community.

Our growth has been fueled by our commitment to building strong relationships and supporting events. We have invested heavily in research and development, resulting in original East West software, products and apparel that are now available globally. Our focus on innovation and style has enabled us to offer a unique range of products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We are continuously expanding our reach and broadening our horizons. With our events growing in popularity and new and exciting products in the pipeline, we feel like we are just getting started. 

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