The Kewb Base Set


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Weight 47.5 kg

KEWB™ Base Unit

Item NameQuantity (pcs)Dimensions (LxWxH cm)Weight (kg)
KEWB™ Box Bench265 x 55 x 40.6426.5
KEWB™ Mounting Mats265 x 55 x 10.169
KEWB™ Curved Mat165 x 55 x 15.244.5
KEWB™ Telescopic Footing150 x 40 x 307.5

The Kewb™ Base Unit: Space is always at a premium, but fitness has become increasingly equipment dependent. How can you maximize training area while reducing equipment storage? The KEWB answers this.A single unit can break down into different configurations offering different possibilities.


An innovative 6” multi-function training mat with a single curved edge. Use with our Telescopic Footing, Box Bench, and Mounting Mats, to create a GHD unit that is sturdy enough for competitions, yet ergonomic for athletes with lower back issues.

Wide and sturdy enough for box jumps and preacher curls. The curved edge makes an ideal surface for movements like hip thrusts, inclined bench-press, Bulgarian split squats, and various other exercises.

The KEWB™ FIXED FOOTING: Multi-functional footing used in combination with the box bench or mats for GHD sit-ups, Nordic curls, back extensions, oblique extensions and various other exercises.

The footing can be mounted onto any East West 75×75 mm upright hollow-section, East West power rack or KEWB™ Wall Mounted Upright. Purchase as an add-on for the KEWB™ System.

KEWB™ Warranty Statement

Upholstery and handles – 90 days
Wooden structures – 90 days
Structural welding – 1 year
Magnets – 1 year

Warranty is void under the following circumstances:

  1. Unintended use
  2. Alterations or modifications to the Kewb
  3. Negligent storage or handling
  4. Getting the unit wet or submerging the unit in water
  5. Dropping weights, dumbbells, barbells or weighted objects on any component except the Kewb Sand Mats
  6. Aggressive spotting or bailing on the Kewb


Any customer dissatisfaction with the Kewb will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Kewb™ (Patent Pending)