East West Dumbbells (LB) Per Pair


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Dumbbell Per Pair

10 lb, 100 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, 35 lb, 40 lb, 45 lb, 5 lb, 50 lb, 55 lb, 60 lb, 65 lb, 70 lb, 75 lb, 80 lb, 85 lb, 90 lb, 95 lb


Unilateral training not only provides added emphasis on stability and increases the difficulty of many movements; they also act as a great tool to help keep your body balanced. Hex dumbbells have a versatility that cannot be achieved in round dumbbells. Not only can they be used as a substitute for many barbell movements, the flat surfaces also provide a fixed point when on the ground which allows them to be used in ways not typically attributed to dumbbells. Use them to increase difficulty in handstand pushups, pushups, renegade rows, and even burpees. The flat surfaces of the dumbbells also provide safeguard for group workouts as they won’t role around on your gyms floor.