Caveman Garage Gym Classic (Female)


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Weight 47.5 kg

Caveman Garage Gym Classic (Male)

High quality construction ensures exceptional strength and durability, while providing smooth and reliable rotation at the sleeves. Our special surface treatment of color nano-coating and black zinc cerakote not only enhances aesthetics but also protects against corrosion. The color will last for years with minimal maintenance, setting us apart from our competition. The knurling pattern offers an excellent grip without being overly aggressive for efficient lifts, striking a balance between traction and comfort.

Our All Terrain Bumpers are formulated from a patent pending unique rubber compound not found in any other bumper plate. All Terrain Bumpers are not made from recycled rubber. All Terrain Bumper plates are made for indoor or outdoor use. If you plan to open an open air or warehouse gym, these plates will withstand the wear and tear of not only the repetitive dropping, but also climate changes, sun damage, and over drying and cracking due to high temperatures. These weight plates offer a low bounce on any surface, unlike recycled rubber plates that can bounce dangerously high or “skip” away from you.

When athletes are pushing their limits and working toward PRs, every fraction of a kilogram matters. East West KG Change Plates are designed for this purpose, offering five weight increments from 0.5kg up to 2.5kg. With a 50.4mm diameter collar opening, these quality plates are compatible with any standard Olympic barbell, and their color coding matches the IWF standard–creating a uniform look when loaded.

This is an ideal portable station, creating a very stable base for pull ups among other movements. Choose between different styles of pull-up bars, or attach both for increased stability. Racks come with a set of J-hook spotter arms making it perfect for squatting and pressing. Made from gauge 11-steel.

East West Jaw Collars are the easiest, quickest, and safest way to secure your bumpers. With a tighter fit than spring collars, these collars help ensure safety. They will fit virtually any Olympic bar as well as many utility bars. Lightweight, battle tested, and easy to slide on and off. Their nylon construction also ensure zero surface damage to your barbell sleeves.